Yo, Welcome!

This is jentamin. I'm a Full-Stack developer (whatever that means nowadays) and although life has me struggling with React and NodeJS everyday, my allegiances lie with Django and EmberJS.

I like building stuff when the seem really fun or whenever I wanna test out a technology I am interested in. Below you can find more info on the projects I am working on.

I do have a secret dream that one of them is gonna end up having thousands of users one day (as probably most of the developers out there), so I decided to start tracking my journey in this blog, in a hope that I will be able to understand and show to the world how that even happened in the first place!

Life is short, start having fun today, not tomorrow.
Stop saving all your money so you can enjoy them when you get old. You might not even get there.
Working hard and being patient to achieve anything is a fallacy of our times. Work hard / play hard is a much better way to live by, not because it works, but it's simply more enjoyable.
Don't judge what people say from your own point of view. You will always get it wrong. Try to see through their eyes. What you are gonna see is almost always better than what you see yourself.
Greek food is the best in the world. Italian comes second. If you disagree, then you really need to try greek food, cause I know you haven't.

Philosophy is an amazing time killer. And I love it. But then you have to join reality and live the shit you are philosophizing about. This is a random paragraph. It's because too much philosophy can be like this. I think I forgot the point I was trying to make. Screw it. Back to reality!


Mix The Meet
Online meeting is the new norm. Make it fun again by adding some sound effects while you are at it!
A fun tool to make online meetings actually fun, like the real ones!
Pixel Actions | Award-winning Web Design Agency
An award-winning web design agency specialising in custom web development and bespoke design.
Co-founded a web agency in Cyprus that simply rocks!
GitHub - APAC-StarC/modelier: An platform for hosting/configuring & serving PointCloud 3D models
An platform for hosting/configuring & serving PointCloud 3D models - GitHub - APAC-StarC/modelier: An platform for hosting/configuring & serving PointCloud 3D models
An open-sourced platform to make hosting 3D Potree PointCloud models easy for the academia