It all begins with an idea 💡

It always felt strange to me, the contradiction that seemed to exist between the importance that everyone assigned to THE IDEA for starting a startup, and the way things need to be validated from day 1 as Lean startup practices demand. If we are to follow the concept of testing everything we do by forming hypotheses and running experiments (called MVPs), then even if you have a grand vision of something, it's somewhat irrelevant cause you cannot you should not build anything towards that vision, but rather do 1000 experiments while driving towards that, by ending up most probably somewhere completely different that what the vision dictated in the first place.

Sounds confusing right? It definitely is for me!

  • Should I have a grand vision?
  • How specific should that vision be?
  • Is a basic idea disqualified from being a starting idea, just because a vision does not accompany it right now?
  • Should I find the vision (even though I won't build it as I should gradually use validated learning to test any hypotheses which will probably lead me on a different path) before I start or is "vision" just something catchy that startups use after they got traction, to promote themselves (cause who doesn't like someone that wants to change the world?)

Enough with this. I'm already feeling like spiralling to a meaningless debate with myself which in fact my sole focus right now should be to validate ideas using the learning feedback loop that Lean Startup suggests. So any ideas?

Ideas for the world 💡💡💡💡💡

I have a bunch of ideas. I guess most people have a few up their sleeve. It's easy to come up with one. So which one do we choose?

Although in the back of my head I am thinking to try a few of them (afterall, this hypothesis-build-learn loop, if you keep it in very small steps, does not require too much work to initially test an idea out), instead I'll choose one that 'feels' better and run my experiments with it.

So, without further ado, I introduce you, MrBill!

Hello MrBill!

MrBill was an idea I conceived during a Fintech hackathon on October 2019. It's a simple idea: Make the process of paying bills, easy.  

Receiving 1st place award for MrBill at Bank of Cyprus Hackathon 3, 2019

Technically, the idea revolved around utilizing bills coming through email, as the source of automating the whole bill-paying process, along with utilizing Bank to Bank transfers to execute the payments, all managed through a chatbot that you could communicate with while having coffee.

Except of the promised cool factor for UX, the execution of it (from an engineering perspective) was also quite cool to do (it's magic when you implement nice automation) and the excitement seemed to win over the judges as well.

Aisde that, MrBill helps me scratch my own itch (don't ppl say this is a prerequisite to building a good product? 😉) so I guess it qualifies for prime subject on the Building A Startup experiment.

Off we go 🤘🚀💸 !