New beginnings and how i managed to start my writing endeavors

It's been a while since I contemplated with the idea of starting to write. Two reasons fueled that idea. Giving back by sharing what I know, and enhancing what I know by the method of writing.

Why write in the first place?

Sharing your ideas can be really powerful if you manage to channel your thoughts to the proper audience.

Firstly, it's a great method for allowing people to get to know you (provided somebody cares enough to do so). Monologues allow someone to unveil his flow of thought on a certain matter as deep as he wishes without interruptions.

At the same time, what a monologue lacks, which is the feedback you get during a dialog, gets compensated in an even better way by publishing on an online medium, as you can get feedback from various readers of different backgrounds on a continuing basis long after you posted something.

Secondly, I realized that writing about something, forces you to treat the subject more seriously and holistically (in an effort to cover all angles while explaining something) which ends up being an educational process all-by-itself.

What took me so long?

Even though I had been thinking about it for over a year, it seemed really hard to get it off the ground. Maybe of fear of not having good enough things to say, or maybe due to the fact that I was traditionally better at expressing my self using my work instead of my words. Whatever the case, what helped was a piece of advice I found on twitter:

The best way to start writing, is to stop thinking about how to do it properly and just start putting words down.

It might seem silly at first, but the more you think about it, what keeps you from starting off is fear of not getting it right. So screw with the fear, and on with the writing!

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